mom: are you high?

me: image

I can’t even go to the Ichatrina tag for some nice GIFS or fanfics, but instead I get a bunch of Ichabbie fuckheads talking shit. Fuck this tag and fuck all of you who ruined it. I thought we were supposed to ship whoever we wanted. There’s a reason I never go to the Ichabbie tag, because they are not my otp and I rather leave it alone. But I don’t get why you fucks keep going.


me whenever a drawing doesnt go my way: that’s it. i lost all talent. i’m no longer able to make art. i peaked. this is it. this is the end of days

"You were off by a mile."

[The Knick + Season Finale]


Dexter & Debra |S01Ep09| “Father Knows Best”


Always check your candy.